Blended Models

Portfolios Strengthened by the Powerful Methodologies of EXACT Strategies

Philosophy Behind Blended Models:

By combining the characteristics of all of our modeling capabilities, we can build healthy portfolios that seize opportunities and sidestep obstacles we see in the markets today. These models combine the tested capabilities of our Classic Models to find best performing asset classes to own for the long haul, while weaving in Target Volatility to smooth out return sequences and selectively adding Rank Modeling to benefit from asset classes that are showing strong upward trends.

Overview of Blended Models:

EXACT Blended Models utilize a proprietary modeling technology to identify and select securities demonstrating upward mobility. The analysis consists of comparing composite scores of individual securities over two consecutive sampling periods, which enables us to recognize those funds that are ascending but are not yet at the top price point. By utilizing this modeling technology to identify and select investments that are on an upward trajectory, we can participate in the anticipated upside growth. This methodology also helps us to sell positions once they show signs of limited growth potential, and reinvest in separate securities demonstrating early signs of upward mobility.

We can build custom Blended Models for our clients, or we can provide signals for some our favorite Blended Indexes.

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