Beta Balanced ™

Intelligent Beta with EXACT technology

Philosophy Behind Beta Balanced™:

The math behind our engine has not changed since the 1980’s, but how we use the information generated from the engine’s output continues to advance in ways that our clients find extremely beneficial. The addition of Beta Balanced portfolios has further evolved the algorithm and what it can produce.

Overview of Beta Balanced™:

Each of our model portfolios is built from 5 to 7 sleeves in each model. Within each sleeve, we put a selection of securities (typically ETFs or mutual finds) that represent what type of exposure we want to have in that sleeve. For example, if that sleeve will represent our international allocation of the entire model, we would put all the securities that would give us the appropriate exposure to the international markets where we want exposure.

The engine will push out the security in each sleeve that is either performing best right now or trending higher when compared to the other investment possibilities in each sleeve. So, the 5 to 7 sleeves will each produce the ideal investment to own right now in their respective sleeves, leaving clients with an active, intelligent and diversified model portfolio.

The EXACT Beta Balanced™ Models take this analysis even one step further. Inside the sleeves of every model, we cross-analyze the holdings and sort by beta. We are looking to create a wide range of beta in each sleeve. The end result is that when markets are rewarding low beta securities, each sleeve will push out their low beta options. Conversely, when the markets pivot, and start rewarding high beta securities, the model will be able to respond accordingly.

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