Rank Models

Building Responsive Portfolios that Seize Micro-Cycle

Philosophy Behind Rank Models:

By identifying investments illustrating signs of strength, but have yet to hit their peak potential, we can invest to participate in the anticipated upside growth. Once the investment shows signs of price stabilization, we can sell and reinvest in the next ascending investment. This technology can be put over existing ETF or mutual fund portfolios . Equipped with the math, our portfolios are developed with the objective to buy low and sell high, which can allow investors to benefit from data-driven investment allocations and break-free from emotional investment decisions.

Overview of Rank Models:

EXACT Rank Models utilize a proprietary modeling technology to identify and select securities demonstrating upward mobility. The analysis consists of comparing composite scores of individual securities over two consecutive sampling periods, which enables us to recognize those funds that are ascending but are not yet at the top price point. By utilizing this modeling technology to identify and select investments that are on an upward trajectory, we can participate in the anticipated upside growth. This methodology also helps us to sell positions once they show signs of limited growth potential, and reinvest in separate securities demonstrating early signs of upward mobility.

These portfolios are highly-responsive to market fluctuations with the average holding of an individual investment lasting a few weeks or more, dependent upon market activity. With an automated, comprehensive analysis of its investments, EXACT Rank Models continually recalibrates the holdings within a portfolio and adjusts its positions as needed each month in an effort to relentlessly pursue investments demonstrating greater signs of upward mobility.

Investor Profile for Rank Models:

EXACT Rank Models are designed for investors seeking potentially higher returns. These investors can tolerate exposure to market risk in an attempt to capture gains from securities on the ascent. They can also tolerate frequent trading to shed positions that have reached their growth potential.

We can build custom Rank Models for our clients, or we can provide signals for some our favorite Ranked Indexes.

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