Classic Models

Owning the Best Performing Asset Classes

Philosophy Behind Classic Models:

Our classic models have been used since the 1980’s by Registered Investment Advisors. The original application of the technology was used to help these advisors build customized mutual fund portfolios for specific client needs. Today, as investment options have expanded and technology has become more advanced, our algorithm can now run thousands of these portfolios at a time. These models are agnostic to emotions or noise surrounding the markets, and they are powered by the ability to mathematically identify the holding time frame that has the highest probability of success.

Overview of Classic Models:

The fundamentals of tactical management continue to be a valuable asset management tool for our clients. These fundamentals allow our clients to seek profit in up markets and, of equal importance, defend their portfolios during down markets. Each model uses a mathematical-based process alongside our client’s professional portfolio management techniques to help manage risk while also participating in growth opportunities.

Classic models have longer holding periods and build portfolios around very high quality investment solutions. The model is designed to allocate resources to the best performing asset class at this point in time. So, we buy the best asset class in the markets we are seeking exposure from, and we check every day to make sure that that holding is still in the best position. If the markets are declining, each model can move into a cash position to defend the portfolio.

We can build custom Classic Models for our clients, or we can provide signals for some our favorite Classic Model Indexes.

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